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Thursday, April 29, 2010 @2:31 PM

Title: Inner Outer Portrait
Inking: Sakura Pigment Pens

This was something I had worked on for a very long time and let me say that I was running out of ink on my pigment pens.

Title: Enchanted - Enhanced
Inking: Sakura Pigment Pens (then scanned)
Color: by Photoshop CS4 & Bamboo Tablet

I am actually quite proud of this one because I consider this my very first legitimate digital piece of work I have done. Everything was purely done with my photoshop and my wacom tablet except for the outline of the girl. She, I drew and just re-outlined it on PS. I worked really hard and long on the detailing of the hair and skin and all that and I am really happy at how it turned out!

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